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Our females

Anouk Des Loups du Grand Nord

She is the direct offspring of champions. Her French mother Uxane is the daughter of Thunder – European champion, who has obtained high scores at numerous championships in France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Her German father, Hunter Louis of Beautiful White is German Champion.

Anouck is a big, beautifully built female.

Thanks to her very athletic and walking regime– up to 40 km per day – she is very muscular and always in optimal shape.

She was examined by the Dutch specialist veterinary surgeon Jan Kooken, who stated with surprise that he hand never seen a healthier White Swiss Shepherd.

  • Hip dysplasia: A
  • Elbows: 0/0

Anouck was trained as a “good guard dog,” so she cannot take part in competitions. That is no problem, as everyone can see what a fine dog she is. She’s a champion when it comes to health!

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Zwitserse Witte Herdershond

Hindy Roos van Hiemrod

She was imported from Groningen in northern Netherlands. She is the daughter of Berry from Rosengarten, the grandfather of world champion Beautiful Angel du Bois des Ternes.

A most promising dog, in other words!

Hindy is medium-sized, very well pigmented with dark brown-black eyes, and just like our other dogs, completely dysplasia free (A and 0/0).

What is particularly striking about Hindy is her extremely sweet and affectionate nature.

Her life is devoted to her master and to the goats she keeps an eye on the whole day through.

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Zwitserse Witte Herdershond Zwitserse Witte Herdershond

Hera Shari Van Hiemrod

She is Hindi Roos’s sister (same father and mother).

A fine, well-built female, with a white coat, black eyes, very well pigmented.

  • Dysplasia free: A and 0/0
  • Very affectionate
  • Very good character
Zwitserse Witte Herdershond

Ischa of The White Wolves

Daughter of Anouck, born on our property on 1 October 2009.

To look at her is to gaze at the perfect White Swiss Herder:

  • Fine head with beautiful position of ears
  • Black nose, eyes and ear edges – perfect pigmentation
  • Ideal built

Just like her sister Isis, she has a very good character and all the requisite qualities.

Dysplasia free (A and 0/0).

Isis of The White Wolves

Daughter of Anouck, born on our property on 1 October 2009.

A fine, long-haired White Swiss Shepherd with a very specific Wolf look. With her thick tail without any curl, which she carries downwards in a dignified fashion, and her soft brown eyes, she really looks like a wolf, which we and other wolf lovers find very appealing.

She has a very sweet and affectionate character and all the requisite qualities of a wonderful White Swiss Shepherd that meets all the “breeding standards.”

She is completely dysplasia free (A and 0/0).

Koumba of The White Wolves

Daughter of Hindy Roos Van Hiemrod and Baby Baron du Bois des Ternes.

Dysplasia free: A and 0/0.

Born on our property on 23 January 2011 – the only female with 7 brothers.

Koumba is a beautiful, big, well built dog that looks a lot like her father.

She is playful, has a very mild character, likes to go on long walks and is always running after field mice and moles that she captures with extreme dexterity and consumes at once.

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Kerala of The White Wolves

Granddaughter of Anouck, daughter of Galy of The White Wolves and Z’Amnön of White Condor.

Dysplasia free: A and 0/0.

She has inherited her thick white coat and typical wolf look from her father Z’Amnön. Passers-by have asked more than once whether she is a real wolf.

Her favourite pastime is looking at our rabbit who lives in the wild.

Romy of the Dancing White Dream

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Roos of the Dancing White Dream

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Rashond Zwitserse Herder