Kennel Witte Herdershond

Our breed

Top breeder specialised in health, excellent disposition and a beautiful 'wolf' look

“Healthy dog” breeding

1. As a health specialist with 30 years of experience, you know exactly what is needed to keep everyone healthy, to keep ailments and diseases at bay or to heal them in a completely natural way. And what holds for human health, applies to animals as well!

2. The White Swiss Shepherd is a new, healthy breed, recognised officially by the FCI since 6 July 2011.

3. Our dogs live together with our horses and donkeys on a natural 5-hectare estate surrounded by woods. The healthy, oxygen-rich air, the freedom to come and go, play together and run around on large estate… all contribute to sound health.

4. Our puppies are bred in a completely natural manner, just like wolves raise their cubs… for healthy, strong, happy dogs:

5. All our dogs are:

6. We are privileged to enjoy the exclusive cooperation of the renowned veterinary surgeon Ralph Bruinaars, who comes to examine, test and vaccinate our puppies. Dr Bruinaars lectures in Germany on the healthy propagation of animals.

7. We are always available for advice on feeding, health and rearing, also after a puppy has left us.

8. Last but not least: everyone’s got organic food thoroughly - not only our whole family, but also all the dogs, horses, donkeys and goats. Also for our welcome guests there is always a delicious cup of coffee or tea with an organic goody offered!

Rashond Zwitserse Herder