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Top breeder specialised in health, excellent disposition and a beautiful 'wolf' look

The White Wolves
Professional breeder of Swiss White Shepherd dogs with Saint Hubert pedigree

With 16 years of passion and love for the Swiss White Shepherd, our family breeding facility specialising in health also excels in beauty and disposition.

All our highly qualified champions attest to this:

All our White Swiss Shepherds live together with us in our family and as a pack on a large 5 hectare property surrounded by woods.

Lifja of The White Wolves with puppie — Photo: © François Nicaise

We strive for the robust health and beautiful appearance of the wolf combined with the gentle, loyal disposition of a well-domesticated dog that:

and in addition meets the standards for the White Swiss Shepherd:

Our natural, animal-friendly breeding method is unique in Europe.

Tundra with her puppies — Photo: © François Nicaise

Happy dogs

It’s of the utmost importance to us that our dogs are happy. Therefore all our Swiss White Shepherds live in a pack with us during the day and have plenty of room to play, romp and run to their heart’s content on our safely enclosed 5 hectare property.


In the evening they go in small groups of 2 or 3 to their spacious paddock and a well-insulated small wooden house where they can relax, and in addition to the freedom during the day get to know and accept boundaries.

Harmonious birth

When a mother has to give birth she gets a little meadow just for her. Her ‘wolf den’ consists of a small wooden house suited to her size where she can peacefully bring her puppies into the world on a thick, warm, soft bed of straw.

Complete peace

In the first phase of their lives the puppies only know their mother, the breeder, and natural surroundings. There are no strange sounds or smells, no electricity or heat lamp. The birthing kennel is well-insulated and always naturally at the ideal temperature.

Natural development

In the first three weeks the puppies are left completely alone, safe with the mother, which is essential for a good start. The straw bedding is changed several times per day and it is ensured that no strangers disturb the peace of the mother and her babies.

Overcoming fears

When the puppies are 3 weeks old they begin to roam and expand their territory. Then they can be seen at the entrance of their house, where they stay several days and watch what is going on. If there is any strange sound they can slip safely back inside through the thick woollen curtain.

Building confidence

As of 4 weeks they are ready to really take their first steps in the outside world, still very cautiously and close to the ‘den’. But every day they go a bit farther, until finally they occupy their entire little meadow and come running enthusiastically when their new owners come to visit. They have overcome their first fears by themselves and are therefore self-assured and at ease.

Instinctively house-trained

Because wolves and dogs are clean animals by nature, the puppies go farther and farther from the kennel to relieve themselves, and they are house-trained when they leave, because they can go in and out day and night and have maintained their natural instinct thanks to our unique breeding method.

Independent discovery

Socialisation continues in the last weeks. The puppies now cover the entire meadow, get to know the other pack members, come indoors, get used to water in the summer, and play and enjoy themselves wholeheartedly. And they also learn ‘boundaries’ from an early age and are led back to their little meadow by the breeder to go to sleep - inside or outside the kennel as they please depending on the weather.

Exclusive breeding facility

Our unique method has a fantastic effect on their disposition and their mental and physical health. Due to the abundant outdoor life they build up a natural immunity and robust health. But if there should be a puppy with an abnormality, it dies a gentle death in the litter in the first weeks - better with us than later with the new owner.

Champion blood

Puppies Witte Schepers te koopOur multiple champions that we have bought in Spain, Germany, Russia and France have improved our bloodlines to produce the most beautiful white shepherds in the world. The proof is that every year since 2015, our well-trained dogs have posed for the breed calendars of the White Swiss Shepherd that have been sold everywhere in dog specialty shops.

Ongoing advice

After the puppies we have raised with great care and love leave, we remain available for a lifetime to give good advice on health, nutrition and training, either by telephone or on a walk together.

☎︎ Feel free to ring us at +32 (0)472 27 09 37 Rashond Zwitserse Herder