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Top breeder specialised in health, excellent disposition and a beautiful 'wolf' look

Practical Information

Our puppies are of excellent quality. They are sold subject to certain conditions:

The puppies are available at 8 weeks, when they are:

Foto: © François Nicaise

Who am I?

As a child I was already curious about health. So I made a lifelong study of it.

It slowly but surely became a passion, which served me well in keeping my four children healthy. In addition, I counselled pregnant couples on natural pregnancy and harmonious childbirth.

Childrearing was in my blood, so to speak. So it was not surprising that eventually I started breeding Fjord horses, Grand Noir du Bery donkeys, Saanen goats, dairy sheep, rabbits and chickens.

And last but not least, the culmination of my study and experience: the Swiss White Shepherd. Now I could apply all my acquired knowledge to this noble breed so that I make not only many dogs, but also their satisfied owners, happy.

And now that’s precisely my passion: ‘happy white shepherds… happy people'.

Our dog breeding kennel 'The White Wolves' is located in the wooded province of Namur and can always be visited with no obligation by appointment.


We speak five languages and are happy to speak with you in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish.

Our beautiful puppies go primarily to our own country, where we have excellent name recognition and have significantly improved the breed, and other breeders find it an honour to also have the name ’The White Wolves’ in their pedigree.

There is also interest worldwide in acquiring a beautiful healthy puppy from The White Wolves. We prefer personal contact, but we have also arranged with expert dog attendants to send a puppy three and a half months old on a journey. They have then been further socialised and trained, and are also vaccinated against rabies and properly dewormed.

All the formalities are taken care of to allow everything to go smoothly.

84 Les Basses
5590 Haversin

Christine Timmermans +32(0)472 27 09 37

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